Sunday, April 26, 2009


Was at Jaya One (Section 17) yesterday evening to have a snack at the area. There was an event ongoing at that place, it read IACT Street Party. Thought it was gonna be good. Thought wrong.
When I was there, Manhand, a Chinese Rap Group was performing. Surprisingly, I enjoyed that one. It sounded kinda okay. They performed two songs before those IACT people wanted an encore from them (Don't ask me what IACT stands for, I hope it's not 'It's A Crazy Team!'.) And then they started a third song. It's not too bad but yet the group members themselves said "Sorry, it sounded kinda terrible." It sounded okay to me. Easy kinda rap.

Next came out some guy with another guy to do some rapping. lol. I didn't manage to catch the name because he sounded like he had trouble pronouncing it as well. lol. That, in my opinion is awful. I dunno. Maybe there are people who like this kinda way of rapping?

The last performance was an all too familiar band name I've heard of, One Buck Short. They really had stage presence cause they seem like a bunch of monkeys jumping up and down and circling around. Rahul looks okay though, with the way he moves. But if you ask me, they're still making noise instead of music. All I know is that I'm hearing noise instead of any melody there. And the lead vocalist's voice is just drowned out by the noise. Can't hear his voice at all for me. The drummer is good though, I would say he has some skills there and Rahul playing the guitar is okay.

Why I'm familiar with this group is because I used to be college classmates with two of them! I'm absolutely tickled at what they did that time when they recorded their songs on CDs. Before I proceed, here's a warning. If you're a fan of One Buck Short, I would say you better stop reading this entry as this might hurt their reputation! Ok? All clear? Right, here's the story. They first made a recording of their songs on a CD. One day in college, they asked my friend whether he wants to have a listen to their song and they'll burn a CD for him. My friend obliged and said ok. The next day, he was handed a CD to him and was asked 50 sen. My friend said "What?!" "50 sen" came the reply. My friend was laughing away and ask him again, "Are you serious?" "Yes" came the reply. And so my friend proceeded to hand him the 50 sen instead and told me and my other friend, doesn't matter. I'm gonna treat it as if I'm giving a beggar 50 sen. The next day he told me and my friend a very funny thing. He took one listen to the CD. 5 seconds into the first song he quickly skipped to the second song. Just seconds after that he skipped again. On the third song, he quickly threw the CD into the dustbin because he couldn't stand the noise of their supposed songs. Then came back the lead vocalist asking him, "So what you think of the songs?" Not wanting to offend him, he just said, "Okay, not bad". I do like to say, that they've certainly improved though. It used to be I couldn't stand 10 seconds of any of their songs. Now at least I can bear for 1 minute of their noise. But their live performance yesterday, I couldn't stand 10 seconds of their noise too. Goes to show they sound worse live.

As I was about to leave after my snack, they had a wonderful fire dance performance. Now that, I would say is entertaining. Sorry, got no pictures to show because I didn't take my camera along. Maybe next time I should carry it with me wherever I go!