Saturday, February 02, 2008

Catching Up With Ex-Colleagues

It's good to visit back some ex-colleagues. Just the Saturday that past, I was over at my old workplace to visit some of my friends.

When I arrived there, it was highly congested due to a feast which the Menteri Besar of Selangor joined in as well (partially of why I'm going too, to get free food!!). Had a chat with my ex-colleagues, went lunch with some of them and visited the old workplace again.

Something very surprising greeted me. All those complaints and problems I highlighted to my boss last time which I offered a solution for them were all implemented. They bought new and good computers for the staff which will make administering and monitoring them easier, they've changed the database to a better one which can contain more data and less problems in it, plus they've even changed the ISP and implemented a different line for the cyber cafe. This makes me feel like I wanna work there again as administration of the computers there would be way much easier then how it used to be in the past.

Whilst visiting the old workplace again, I had a chat with staffs on duty that day. A lot of them did express that they like me working with them as compared to the current person who took over my job and ask me to reapply back here again.

This got me thinking of maybe I would. Since all the highlighted problems I previously voiced out to my boss has at long last they've done something about it, it seems a more pleasant environment to work in now. The only thing that would make the place a less pleasant working environment would be the ever long standing play of politics around the office which wouldn't concern me since I'm always in the neutral position and not affiliated to the library per se. Another thing would be the boss I had to work. He just doesn't seem to understand the situation that I'm in even though I tried my best to explain to him. No wonder his kids keep saying their dad don't understand them!