Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Moving On With Life

The restructuring of my current place of work organization chart has finally started to be implemented. After much negotiation with the Deputy Plant Manager, I have managed to convince him in letting me stay at my current work area instead of moving to a 'gullible' area. I've also managed to help one of my colleague in my department to stay at his current work area. However, my immediate superior could not be saved as his job function will be totally different from now on. I now report to a different immediate superior and also the person above him.

I however, will secretly still report to my director as I still see the need to help him out. I'm also more comfortable reporting to him.

Disgruntled with this stupid restructuring exercise, I've exerted a certain amount of aloofness which could warrant a warning letter from the HR department. But so far, it has still been ok. No warning letter in sight....yet. Things that I have done that could get me in trouble would be taking long breaks in the morning, during my lunch, and my tea break which far exceeds the time I'm suppose to take. Going home early. Taking the back door way to get things done my way by talking to higher management in granting my requests instead of going through proper channels.

Because of the frequency of my interaction with higher management lately, I've been getting first hand news about the company before it was even announced to the whole company itself!!!
I don't even need to see the announcement on these things (which by the way was usually never announced to me anyway) and yet I've already known what has been or going to be announced.

My plans to quit the company seems bleak at the moment as I've encountered financial problems due to taking up part time studies which I finance myself. This has resulted in a delay for me to quit my job as I still need to accumulate my resources so that I can be without a job for at least a year.

The difficulty of coping with my crush with an ex-colleague is still ongoing. I tend to mix around alot with my friends and speak alot to get my mind off her. But it still seems pretty difficult to forget about her. Oh, well. That's life for me. Still trying hard to move on and get on with my life.