Thursday, October 25, 2007

There's An Angel On My MSN

And what an Angel she was and is.

You see, I finally mustered up the courage to be able to add this individual into my MSN messenger. However, I've only chatted with her once online, really afraid of being too much of an annoyance to her, since she occasionally shows it through her body language. I wonder does she even notice this since she always try to be super nice.

Anyway, she's gonna leave the company soon and I should bid her farewell soon.

Went to 1 Utama yesterday night to look around some more for gift ideas. The previous time I went looking for gift ideas for a present for her was the day after I came back from my hometown which was still a day of holiday for me. I went over to KLCC that day to look for something special.

Some people would think I must be crazy putting so much time and effort in getting a gift. But being the perfectionist I always was, I still couldn't get rid of some of my perfectionist trait like this one. Why I spend so much time and effort in getting a gift is because I wanted to give a gift that is special, that is unique, but at the same time practical or useful for the intended receiver. I don't feel like giving a common gift where people usually give such as a pen, or soft toy (although this is really a good gift, but it must be cute enough plus it should be a person who like those kinda things), but something unique, but at the same time it can be useful. The problem with me is I also do not like to reuse my gift idea too much as this dilute the feel of specialty towards the item from my point of view.

So far, I've started from giving pen that has the name of the recipient or a message carved on it, then there was a time I gave out a mug, then there was a time I gave a photo frame, but just recently, I discovered an ugly truth, gift/souvenir stores does not contain gifts that are unique or nice enough to give. Also, they charge at such an exorbitant rate. The last gift that I gave left me feeling really proud of making that decision. It was a crystal candy dish. The gift was unique enough, yet at the same time, it looks really beautiful and yet it's useful should you decided to not make it just as a decor piece.

So far, the best candidate for a present I saw was two chalice cups at the Selangor Royal Pewter which comes with a case. But I still feel that it couldn't beat the crystal candy dish gift idea. I'll be continuing in scouting out for a really unique gift. If none can be found, I guess I'll go for something at the Selangor Royal Pewter or back to a crystal gift.

The deadline for giving the gift has already been set in my mind. It will be....November 1st!!! Really wanted to treat her to dinner too, but afraid of the ridicule of colleagues saying why I never treat the person who's in my own department that left. I just don't know what to do.