Monday, August 13, 2007

The Quest For Beautiful Seed

Corrinne May, my favorite artiste, has released her much-anticipated new album entitled 'Beautiful Seed'. A pity it's still not available to order from her website yet. I doubt I could get the album at all in Malaysian shores but according to my friend, he said he saw the 2nd album, 'Safe In A Crazy World' widely available in some stores in Malaysia. So far, with all the browsing around the Malaysian stores that I've done, I've still yet to find a store that sells Corrinne May's album.

Embarrassingly, I have still yet to hear a song from the album at all even though it's now available in stores in Singapore, plus Corrinne giving a preview of some songs in some of her performances.

I do hope that Corrinne will quickly make it available to order from, I'm dying to hear the new album.