Thursday, July 19, 2007

Off To A Flying Start

He's left. He's finally left. Who? One of my housemate. He's finally left for Canada to further his studies.

It all began on the night of July 15, 2007. I was made the chauffeur to drive him and whoever is on tow to the airport and see him off for good. Somewhat thrill that he's finally leaving, we arrived at the airport around 11.45pm where his flight would be at 1 am. So far so good, car didn't stall, no accidents, we made it to the airport safe and sound along with his luggages. After parking my car and manage to find them at the flight check-in counter, I joined in to know more about his check-in information.

At first, there was the 'It's too heavy,' statement "You'll have to lighten the load to the specific limit weight." And so there he was, emptying as much as he can, (surprised that he intended to put his laptop in the luggage he was gonna check-in) until he reached the allowed limit. And then came the occasional clicking of the tongue of the check-in officer. That's when I started to worry. It turns out that he wasn't able to go after all since his luggage can't go all the way straight to Canada. It seems that the connecting flight to Shanghai does not allow this whereas the flight to Beijing would be possible. That would mean that he would have to obtain a Chinese visa, get out at Shanghai to claim his baggage, and then recheck-in his luggage again.

So to my dismay, after having my supper I had to take him home again. The next day, tired from the journey and all, I received his call stating that he's gonna go again today having his Chinese visa this time around. And so after a day of total discomfort at the office due to a lack of sleep, I again had to ferry him to the airport again that night. (I wonder why he can't ask the other housemate of mine to take him there.)

This time around, upon reaching the highway, I sped all the way to the airport going no less than a 120km/hour which is 10km/hour above the speed limit and often seeing my speedometer leveling at the 130km/hour mark. I was driving like this because of the sleepiness I felt before starting the journey and this seems to be the only way I can keep alert. We arrived at the airport in my record time (20 minutes, usually it takes up to 45 minutes) and this time around I prayed that he's really leaving for good.

Good thing everything went according to plan and after I finished my supper at the airport, I announce of my desire to depart for home. Reluctantly, those on tow said their goodbyes and off we go to a speedy ride home again. The ride home this time was longer than the previous night since I had to stop for petrol along the way home but nonetheless it was an enjoyable drive home. At this point I wish I hadn't crashed my car before because I couldn't go beyond the 130km/hour since it was already really unstable at 120km/hour. I remembered before the crash, my car only became unstable upon reaching 140km/hour. It was quite a smooth drive even after it reached 130km/hour. What a waste. However, the engine is still in good condition that's why I can still manage to go that fast. Maybe the next service I'll change the engine mount and see whether the stability of the car improves.

After such a gruesome experience, it took it's toll on me the next day at work. I started to doze off every hour from the time I started work, till it's time to leave. In the end, I slept through the whole night until morning.