Monday, July 30, 2007

Back To Where I Started

The 3 days Christian Convention that I attended has finally ended. My escapade of rushing to finish my work as well as the three days holiday that I took off from work finally ended. What a week it was. It started out on a Monday where I went out from my company after an almost half day at work to get things for my company. And that's the end of my Monday! Tuesday came with me bringing in the new products that I've purchased for the company and started meddling with it straight away in addition to rushing my other work that was still pending to be finished off. On that day, my colleagues have organized a farewell for one of my company staff too but I declined their offer to joined them due to wanting to finish my job before my holiday which starts on Wednesday, the next day. To my surprise, I manage to finish way ahead of time but later on did more testing on the new products in order to get more results. In the end, I ended up working longer than my usual working hours and rushing away to reach home as soon as possible to get to my Christian meetings on that day.

The holiday that came the next day, really got me tied down doing all my errands without my car as I've sent it to the workshop for some tune-up before I start on my long journey down towards Malacca.

All was well the next few days, since there were no hiccups, everything went according to plan from the smooth journey down to Malacca to the coming back again from Malacca.
Here's the weird thing that happen during me being in Malacca. A colleague of mine called me and asked me, "So how's the job there?" And I replied, "What job?" Turns out, they thought I left to try out another job to see whether I liked it or not. After explaining of my disappearance, my colleague whose from Malacca, decided to take me out for a meal when he comes back to Malacca during the weekend. But that's when I felt so strange. I later did went for a meal with him on Saturday, but upon waiting for him at the hotel where my Christian Convention was held, I saw a few of my Christian friends waiting around. And so I got to chatting with them. It turns out that they were gonna go out to 'yum cha.' I didn't feel anything until everything was over, until the dinner (supper for me) with my colleague was over.

I got back to my hotel where one of my friend who decided to move-in to my room since I was staying alone asked me, "So you had fun, huh?" I didn't tell him the truth. Inside of me was wondering, I'm always encouraged to join my Christian friends but why is it that no one is able to join me when I wanna go out? Although I did enjoy going out with my colleague, but the truth is, why can't I enjoy the same way with my Christian friends? Anyway, I dunno how to put my feelings down into words. This is a really strange feeling that I'm neither happy nor sad, just finding it odd to be in such a situation.

Anyway, ignore the last two paragraphs.

So I came back tired and all with the need to go to work this morning. Funny to note, that I was much busier at the Christian Convention than at work.

So this morning started off great. Somehow I was off to a cheery start, eager to see some of my colleagues again. I passed out gifts that I bought for a few individuals and was still cheery, until 9.30 in the morning. Gloominess started to beset me again. The cause, somebody was in a foul mood and I was at the receiving end of it. I intended to give a present to the person but after receiving blunt remarks from that person, I started to drift off into my glum mode again and decided to keep the gift. And so it lasted until now. The gloominess still hovering over me as I typed in these words. Course I know, the rain did play a part in it but I don't mind the rain. It's such a soothing phenomenon for me.