Wednesday, June 27, 2007


"Nep...comp?" Was my question sporting a surprised look on my half-awaken face.

It was a Thursday morning. As usual I went to the cafeteria at my company to sip away my cup of coffee which nearly never energize me. My supervisor was already seated at one of the tables in the cafeteria alongside with 2 of my other colleagues. Suddenly, he popped the question to me, "Hey, do you wanna go to NEPCON?" he prompted. And that was when I respond with the above counter-question. Seeing my confused yet sleepy looks, he further goes on "It's an exhibition at KLCC convention centre." Oh, yeah, that's a really helpful explanation, I thought to myself. But I nodded my head in agreement without hesitation since I thought to myself anything to get out of this god-forsaken mundane routine.

Having no knowledge of whatsoever I was agreeing to, I did a quick research of what NEPCON is. I soon found out that it was a microelectronics convention that is held annually whereby people showcase their latest machines that helps out with the production of microelectronic devices plus any materials that are relevant to the manufacturing of microelectronics material. Well, it is an interesting event to further my knowledge on the microelectronic industry and thus set out with two other colleagues of mine along with their superior.

After the arduous journey of being driven around in the busy streets, we finally arrived at our destination. Unexpectedly, it was quite an interesting experience to look at the many different machinery and devices. My 2 colleagues' superior went around in such a haste that he finished looking at everything within 30 minutes. I followed around the other two who stopped by at almost every booth and studied on whatever they had to offer in an investigative manner.

2 hours later, the superior (whose also known as the manager) was shocked to find us merely halfway through the whole exhibition whilst he had already finished viewing aeons ago in addition to filling his stomach. He hurried us to finish off, and within an hour later, we finally rushed through the rest of the booths and proceeded to rejoin the manager who was waiting outside. We soon went for our lunch with the superior on tow and finished everything including arriving back at the office at around 3.30pm.

I must say it was somewhat an eye opener for me plus it makes me a little more knowledgeable in the microelectronics industry. If I ever wanna start my own business, I'll know where to look for the necessary equipment. Now, let's see if I get to go next year.