Tuesday, February 07, 2006

What a Day, What a Day

It all started out with two of my housemates moving out of my place. One (who is a Japanese guy) set to head for home before moving to Australia while the other was gonna freeload off another friend. Then came my new tenant, just as I was about to turn in to sleep. The new tenant (whose a German guy) was going on and on and on with millions of questions, more than I can handle. I grew very tired and tried my best to remain pleasant to him but was shock of his energy to continue his questions even though he's very tired and suffering from jet lag. He continued his questions for about 2 hours before I finally gave up and told him "Right now, I think you need to get some rest first. Anything else that you wanna know about please ask Leonard (the one who brought him here) and then consult with me." And I finally got to go to bed.

Unfortunately, for the whole night for some reason I just couldn't sleep well. I was tossing and turning and getting up from my bed, and laying back down on my bed till it was time to wake up. I arrived at my workplace finding it with tons of problems to be rectified with an already tired condition. Mostly running up and down between levels. I finally stopped for awhile to fix a printer problem at the basement one level at the counter. I notice a girl who was trying to search for a book title but because of a funny technical problem, you can't continue searching after the results are displayed. It will only prompt out form processed and nothing happens. The only way to do another search is to go back to the search page without the results in it. So I approached her and tutored her on how to search for it.

It all was as normal, until that girl came to me and ask a question. Question answered. Then comes the horrific part. She came back after awhile and said to me to help her find a particular book. So that's what I tried to do but of course due to the book not being in it's designated place, I couldn't find it too. And she starts pestering and pestering about it, and said "Well, maybe it's downstairs." So I said that would be highly unlikely but she could try to look for it downstairs. Instead of going herself, she dragged me along saying "Let's go!" So there I was helping her to look for her book at basement two now and of course it wasn't there. Then she said she wanted to photocopy some books and I said sure go ahead, it's self-service. But she just wouldn't let me go. She keeps saying how do I work this thing. Then I helped her in photocopying. I snuck up for awhile but had to go back down after awhile to rectify a problem there. When she spotted me, she said, her photocopy card is out of credit and want to use the other photocopy machine. And I said to her, "Be my guest, it's self-service," Then she starts with the how do I work this thing again and I had to help her out abit.

What a nightmare! People looking at us thought we were close friends. I hope no one got the impression of us being lovers. The library staffs whom I asked to help her so I could get away were reluctant to do so. And all of them asked me, "Who's that." And I said I dunno. How did I ever got into that mess in the first place. I knew library users were more friendlier to me than the library staffs are to me but this is ridiculous.


Anonymous said...

She must be pretty young and still studying to not to be able to know how a photocopier works.

Kelvin -KtheBlogger- Tan said...

lol. She is young, studying at the nearby university, as most of them who patronize the library are.