Thursday, January 05, 2006

Will I Return To My Roots?

Recently, my emotions are hard to be contained. I have no idea why I'm getting the frustration to vent my anger about. So far I'm keeping under control so as to not start an outburst again. I hope I will not fall into the condition I was in last time. I fell into depression before and that merely paves the way for inactivity. Aside from going to work and occasionally going out to eat, I was inactive whenever I'm at home. I would start sleeping the whole day and night away as if winter had arrived and I was hibernating. At times I would even skipped some of my meals and would just continue sleeping my life away.

Another previous state that I would like to avoid being in would be the time when I had no more fear in me. Being an upset enraged student I looked for opportunities to pick fights. I didn't care about whether I'll be able to win or lose a fight I just wanted to vent my frustration. I used to practice by punching walls and at that time my fist got so tough that I usually retaliate punches by punching their fists! Of course more often than not I don't get any real fights to startat all. Being small size and all many people tend to shy away from fighting with me because their afraid of being called a bully.

I sure wish I was a robot now. A tool that can feel no emotions and would just do what it's commanded to do. I wonder, if a robot starts to develop feelings but still has robot characteristics, would it be categorized as a human-like robot? How far will it be till a robot be categorized as a human? This brings back to mind the Steven Spielberg film, "Artificial Intelligence".