Monday, January 16, 2006

Theory About Bloodlust

In recent times I have been severely struggling with my urge to start fights and to stop my homicidal thoughts. I have discovered in my times of darkness the relation of hunger and bloodlust.

It's actually true that if a person is hungering would be more prone to violence than a person who had a full stomach. I discovered this when I find myself a sense of calmness coming over me (although not enough to diffuse my anger) right after I had eaten a meal. I guess the logical explanation for this would be because the person had satisfied one of his/her needs. The more you satisfy a need, the less violent you would be. I never understood this theory during my past experience because I have not felt hunger when I was young. I can go on a day without food and yet would still find myself feeling okay, not hungry at all.

This year, I started to eat regular meals, when I first started my current job. Breakfast was a must to eat, lunch must also be eaten, and dinner I tried to stick to a schedule to eat. After going through such a process, I find myself beginning to feel the need to eat. I find myself starting to feel hungry. And now I can't go on through the day without eating breakfast if I were to wake up early.

Another day, another new experience.