Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Was I Drunk?

Everything last night was a blur to me. I could vaguely remember bits and pieces of images during last night's Christian meeting that I attended. I knew I did a lot of things yesterday, being busy with a few things that I needed to do, but I could hardly remember much of last night. It feels as if I was drunk. I remember having a severe headache which keeps thumping on my head for the whole evening, I remembered swaggling up and down to move from one place to another, but never have I had this feeling without having a drink of an alcoholic beverage. I also remembered I was talking a lot of nonsense yesterday, with my sarcastic remarks and my witty jokes (hope nobody is offended by what I said). Next thing I know, I was inside a car heading for home. The next thing I remembered was...this morning having a stomachache and that's it. What happened to the rest of things in between? What has caused me to experience this memory loss? Is it the combination of a severe headache and being physically and mentally tired? The mystery continues...