Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Is It The End?

I haven't been updating for quite some time now mainly because that I feel like my life is really crumbling down. Nowadays, I feel emotions that I don't even know why I feel that way. To top that up, it changes really quickly too. There are a few times this feeling has made me restless and I lose sleep on that. At other times, it makes me feel really tired, and I will just lie in bed for the whole day without doing anything. The mixed feelings include the feeling of wanting to throw up often. I don't know why I feel sick sometimes even when I'm healthy. I'm suspecting that it's because of my throat being very dry. The particular feeling heightens during my ride home at rush hour. I'm a real mess right now although I don't show when I'm around people since I have to clean up other people's messes too! That's not even including the messes in my job. Another suspect for such a condition happening, stress. Who's the culprit. Stand up and show yourself. I'm sick and tired of being messed up. I need a remedy.