Tuesday, November 08, 2005



One of my favorite pasttime as a high school kid was reading comics. I really loved the X-Men series ranging from Uncanny X-Men to Wolverine to well, X-Men. I remember there were many titles relating to X-Men and it truly boggled my mind when I first started following the series. The first one I bought truly had a boring storyline to it but it didn't deter me from continuing further on other titles as I know that it's just that issue that was boring.

I was rewarded for my persistency and got washed away with the many details of the fictitious X-Men world. Pretty soon I got so caught up with the story that I had the store reserved a copy for me (since the popular issues gets sold out very quickly) and that ensured me that I never missed an issue. About one to two years after that, the Malaysian currency took a plunge in comparison to the American Dollar and this means an increase to the comic prices. That's when I stopped reading comics as I came to my senses that I'm spending a lot of money on this hobby. Furthermore, with the price increased I wouldn't want to spend that amount of money on it for it's just not worth the effort. Although it's value increases through time (for the popular titles) it'll be difficult to find a buyer in this part of the world. Anyway, I can't do that, cause a lot of my comics were chomped away by the little critters called woodworm. They sure know what to pick, most of the titles that were eaten away were really good and valuable ones! What's left behind were other not so hot issues and the rest were just thrown about and not handled with care after the incident. This was because the floors too were eaten away and my parents fixed up the floorboards and when they did so they cleared the comics and couldn't be bothered to handle such things with care. There were of course comics that are saved and those are the ones on the shelf. But I couldn't bother to look at any comics anymore after the sad incident occured.

Besides the X-Men title, I also dabbled on a bit of other titles, such as the what if... title, and the Spawn series, also The Punisher and Gen 13. Looking back on the comic superheroes that I adored, I can tell that I was always cut out to be a loner, since the comicbook characters that I like too were loners. I wonder is it just a correlation or the cause of my thinking.