Thursday, November 24, 2005

Peripheral Conspiracy

Thought I was really experienced when I first started working here at the library, but once I got here, sure I was still excellent with the hardware and software problems. But there were and are lots of funny problems that creeps up which is unexplainable. There just isn't any logical reasoning to tell them.

For instance, one of the worst case I got from the library. While working on her computer, less than five minutes later the computer restarted by itself. It happens over and over again for awhile. However, when I went down to check on it, it was fine. It ran smoothly, no error detected, no restarting itself, nothing. Shocking as it may, it went on like this for a few days, and everytime I check on it, there wasn't a problem. After much scolding and how she mentioned that I was demon possesed (although I was thinking God was with me cause I don't get to see the problem) I've decided to reformat it and hopefully the problem will go away. Later after reformatting, the problem occured before me. Only then did I know what was wrong with it. Immediately I rectify it as soon as I could.

The second most funniest problem ever occured to my PC itself. One fine day, the keyboard just decided to stop working. Strangely enough, it works fine until it started loading windows. Puzzled, I thought it best to reinstall. However upon completion of installation, I couldn't get the keyboard to work when it was suppose to autodetect my keyboard. Just one of the weirdest PC problems I get. A keyboard which works during DOS but stops working when it starts to load windows.

Next funny problem is there is a season for a certain device to stop functioning. I've came up with a plan to improve my service when I started working here and that was to order a few extra peripherals so that I don't have to wait for it to be delivered in order to fix up a PC. My supply was always exhausted in an instance. It's either that or an oversupply! That's because strangely enough, when one video card is busted, three other video card will follow suit over the next couple of days. So far the seasons I've went through in that order was, Network Card season (5), Power Supply season (5), CMOS Battery season (10), hard disk season (4), video card season (3), and currently, Printer season (4 including mine and counting). Whoops, my mistake, hard disk season was five including mine. Oh, the number in brackets were about how many needed replacements. Sick isn't it? Currently it's printer season. I can expect any other problems to be a printer problem. Oh, wait, there we go, five printer problems as of now.

Spooky but true. Things are weird around here. I bet all the computer problems are related to the unstable electrical current but that's just my theory at the moment. Can't figure out a way to prove my point. Hmm...just have to ride it out.