Wednesday, November 23, 2005

A Lost Battle

After long and hard fighting off bacteria and viruses, I finally caved in to sickness. There was no way to prevent it this time around no matter how hard I tried because the weather's been raining down on me and being a person who loves the rain, I walked one too many times in the rain. In the end, I end up sick! I tried to remedy the situation with a bit more rest by coming home one day and resting in bed after work, well, it worked for awhile but the weather was too much a formidable foe for my antibodies and now, I'm having a cold and sore throat. But it's not gonna keep me down as I'm still performing my normal duties. All it takes now, is a little more effort to keep it together. Okay, a lot more effort. I can't wait to get a long rest when I get the chance. :|