Saturday, November 12, 2005

The Call That Feels Good

Talking about superheroes, I've always dreamt about being useful to somebody having a herolike personality but of course in real life nothing really happens and with the meager resources that I have I can barely help out anybody in a large way. More often than not, I would be the one needing help. But then, finally, I've had my chance.

Had to work this Saturday hence for some reason I decided to take the bus to work. Upon arriving near my workplace, as usual (before I stopped taking the bus) I got down from the stop near my workplace. Nothing's changed since the last time, construction is still going on at a nearby area and the long and not so winding road leading from the main road to a smaller one where I usually take. A lady got down at the same place as me and started walking the same direction I was heading. I found it a bit strange when she increased her pace to catch up with me since I'm a fast walker. After a few steps down the road, she shuddered upon looking ahead. I looked at her, puzzled. Then she started to speak saying that there were dogs ahead. With me still puzzled she continued saying that two of the dogs chased a person down this road the other day. Looking at the fear she bore upon her face, I decided to walk a normal pace so that I could walk with her.

As we were walking near the dogs, the lady just couldn't stop looking at the dogs in fear while I tried to act normally. In my heart I was saying to myself, "Lady, stop staring at the dogs and walk normally or they'll detect fear in you and will start running towards you," but she never took her eyes off the dogs. Just as I've predicted, one of the dogs started barking at her which made her jump! Looking at her reaction, the dog that barked started moving closer which leaves me no choice but to go even slower so that I could come between the dog and her. Because of the dog's barking, other three dogs started to bark as well. I changed my tactic from walking normally to monitoring the dogs' movements while walking slowly to allow the lady to be ahead of me since the dogs are now behind.

In the end, nothing drastic happened. The dogs never got close because everytime they tried to come near, I would turn around and look at it making the dogs afraid to come near. When the ordeal was over, the lady was very thankful I'm there and I felt like a hero. I've never felt so good before, never felt so strong in my life! I would love to have such a good experience again, but I doubt it would happen cause things like these almost never happens. Ah, well, that's life.