Thursday, November 03, 2005

Back to So-Called Normal

With the recent holidays that has appeared during the last week, I manage to get my well needed rest to the full. On top of that I manage to do a bit more cleaning than usual to beautify my place a little so as to help me have a more appetizing appeal to my home. I really am very grateful for the holidays as it brings back memories of my unemployment period where I did had plenty of rest from a lethargic life and doing the work which I want to do. A carefree life. I didn't do much leisure things with my friends because I wanted to savor the opportunity to clean up my place just like I intended to so very long ago, bringing the place one step closer to the dream home I ever wanted to make.

All is not that well though. My housemates were plagued with a little trouble here and there. Nothing serious fortunately (except for one). One housemate of mine, after coming back from Japan got sick. Japan fever? Hope whatever he's having is not contagious just like the time when one of them got the flu. In the end, everybody except me took turns having flu! I don't want that to happen again.

Then there is my roomie, who went to play footsal one holiday evening, ended up not walking very well after injuring his foot. The fellow grew so tired during the holidays that he failed to wake up to commenced our planned activities!

The worst one of all lost his job. Now he's unemployed with a heavy financial burden down his back, but he's managing at the moment. Hope he get his job soon or he'll really be in big trouble. I helped him out a bit by waiving his rental till he obtains a job since his rental is very low anyway.

Yes, holiday or no holiday, things were pretty normal for us folks here this holiday. Didn't do much stuff other than that footsal and Pahang trip thinggy which I skipped those. Pretty plain life these days, but grateful to have the holidays to rewind from the stress of work. Now if only it could last forever....


Anonymous said...

o-mi-goodness...Andy lost his job? [i'm deducing here] -jobina

Kelvin -KtheBlogger- Tan said...

Oh, er, well, yeah, it is him. But he seems happier than when he has one. I guess