Thursday, November 24, 2005

Peripheral Conspiracy

Thought I was really experienced when I first started working here at the library, but once I got here, sure I was still excellent with the hardware and software problems. But there were and are lots of funny problems that creeps up which is unexplainable. There just isn't any logical reasoning to tell them.

For instance, one of the worst case I got from the library. While working on her computer, less than five minutes later the computer restarted by itself. It happens over and over again for awhile. However, when I went down to check on it, it was fine. It ran smoothly, no error detected, no restarting itself, nothing. Shocking as it may, it went on like this for a few days, and everytime I check on it, there wasn't a problem. After much scolding and how she mentioned that I was demon possesed (although I was thinking God was with me cause I don't get to see the problem) I've decided to reformat it and hopefully the problem will go away. Later after reformatting, the problem occured before me. Only then did I know what was wrong with it. Immediately I rectify it as soon as I could.

The second most funniest problem ever occured to my PC itself. One fine day, the keyboard just decided to stop working. Strangely enough, it works fine until it started loading windows. Puzzled, I thought it best to reinstall. However upon completion of installation, I couldn't get the keyboard to work when it was suppose to autodetect my keyboard. Just one of the weirdest PC problems I get. A keyboard which works during DOS but stops working when it starts to load windows.

Next funny problem is there is a season for a certain device to stop functioning. I've came up with a plan to improve my service when I started working here and that was to order a few extra peripherals so that I don't have to wait for it to be delivered in order to fix up a PC. My supply was always exhausted in an instance. It's either that or an oversupply! That's because strangely enough, when one video card is busted, three other video card will follow suit over the next couple of days. So far the seasons I've went through in that order was, Network Card season (5), Power Supply season (5), CMOS Battery season (10), hard disk season (4), video card season (3), and currently, Printer season (4 including mine and counting). Whoops, my mistake, hard disk season was five including mine. Oh, the number in brackets were about how many needed replacements. Sick isn't it? Currently it's printer season. I can expect any other problems to be a printer problem. Oh, wait, there we go, five printer problems as of now.

Spooky but true. Things are weird around here. I bet all the computer problems are related to the unstable electrical current but that's just my theory at the moment. Can't figure out a way to prove my point. Hmm...just have to ride it out.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

A Lost Battle

After long and hard fighting off bacteria and viruses, I finally caved in to sickness. There was no way to prevent it this time around no matter how hard I tried because the weather's been raining down on me and being a person who loves the rain, I walked one too many times in the rain. In the end, I end up sick! I tried to remedy the situation with a bit more rest by coming home one day and resting in bed after work, well, it worked for awhile but the weather was too much a formidable foe for my antibodies and now, I'm having a cold and sore throat. But it's not gonna keep me down as I'm still performing my normal duties. All it takes now, is a little more effort to keep it together. Okay, a lot more effort. I can't wait to get a long rest when I get the chance. :|

Saturday, November 12, 2005

The Call That Feels Good

Talking about superheroes, I've always dreamt about being useful to somebody having a herolike personality but of course in real life nothing really happens and with the meager resources that I have I can barely help out anybody in a large way. More often than not, I would be the one needing help. But then, finally, I've had my chance.

Had to work this Saturday hence for some reason I decided to take the bus to work. Upon arriving near my workplace, as usual (before I stopped taking the bus) I got down from the stop near my workplace. Nothing's changed since the last time, construction is still going on at a nearby area and the long and not so winding road leading from the main road to a smaller one where I usually take. A lady got down at the same place as me and started walking the same direction I was heading. I found it a bit strange when she increased her pace to catch up with me since I'm a fast walker. After a few steps down the road, she shuddered upon looking ahead. I looked at her, puzzled. Then she started to speak saying that there were dogs ahead. With me still puzzled she continued saying that two of the dogs chased a person down this road the other day. Looking at the fear she bore upon her face, I decided to walk a normal pace so that I could walk with her.

As we were walking near the dogs, the lady just couldn't stop looking at the dogs in fear while I tried to act normally. In my heart I was saying to myself, "Lady, stop staring at the dogs and walk normally or they'll detect fear in you and will start running towards you," but she never took her eyes off the dogs. Just as I've predicted, one of the dogs started barking at her which made her jump! Looking at her reaction, the dog that barked started moving closer which leaves me no choice but to go even slower so that I could come between the dog and her. Because of the dog's barking, other three dogs started to bark as well. I changed my tactic from walking normally to monitoring the dogs' movements while walking slowly to allow the lady to be ahead of me since the dogs are now behind.

In the end, nothing drastic happened. The dogs never got close because everytime they tried to come near, I would turn around and look at it making the dogs afraid to come near. When the ordeal was over, the lady was very thankful I'm there and I felt like a hero. I've never felt so good before, never felt so strong in my life! I would love to have such a good experience again, but I doubt it would happen cause things like these almost never happens. Ah, well, that's life.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005



One of my favorite pasttime as a high school kid was reading comics. I really loved the X-Men series ranging from Uncanny X-Men to Wolverine to well, X-Men. I remember there were many titles relating to X-Men and it truly boggled my mind when I first started following the series. The first one I bought truly had a boring storyline to it but it didn't deter me from continuing further on other titles as I know that it's just that issue that was boring.

I was rewarded for my persistency and got washed away with the many details of the fictitious X-Men world. Pretty soon I got so caught up with the story that I had the store reserved a copy for me (since the popular issues gets sold out very quickly) and that ensured me that I never missed an issue. About one to two years after that, the Malaysian currency took a plunge in comparison to the American Dollar and this means an increase to the comic prices. That's when I stopped reading comics as I came to my senses that I'm spending a lot of money on this hobby. Furthermore, with the price increased I wouldn't want to spend that amount of money on it for it's just not worth the effort. Although it's value increases through time (for the popular titles) it'll be difficult to find a buyer in this part of the world. Anyway, I can't do that, cause a lot of my comics were chomped away by the little critters called woodworm. They sure know what to pick, most of the titles that were eaten away were really good and valuable ones! What's left behind were other not so hot issues and the rest were just thrown about and not handled with care after the incident. This was because the floors too were eaten away and my parents fixed up the floorboards and when they did so they cleared the comics and couldn't be bothered to handle such things with care. There were of course comics that are saved and those are the ones on the shelf. But I couldn't bother to look at any comics anymore after the sad incident occured.

Besides the X-Men title, I also dabbled on a bit of other titles, such as the what if... title, and the Spawn series, also The Punisher and Gen 13. Looking back on the comic superheroes that I adored, I can tell that I was always cut out to be a loner, since the comicbook characters that I like too were loners. I wonder is it just a correlation or the cause of my thinking.

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Back to So-Called Normal

With the recent holidays that has appeared during the last week, I manage to get my well needed rest to the full. On top of that I manage to do a bit more cleaning than usual to beautify my place a little so as to help me have a more appetizing appeal to my home. I really am very grateful for the holidays as it brings back memories of my unemployment period where I did had plenty of rest from a lethargic life and doing the work which I want to do. A carefree life. I didn't do much leisure things with my friends because I wanted to savor the opportunity to clean up my place just like I intended to so very long ago, bringing the place one step closer to the dream home I ever wanted to make.

All is not that well though. My housemates were plagued with a little trouble here and there. Nothing serious fortunately (except for one). One housemate of mine, after coming back from Japan got sick. Japan fever? Hope whatever he's having is not contagious just like the time when one of them got the flu. In the end, everybody except me took turns having flu! I don't want that to happen again.

Then there is my roomie, who went to play footsal one holiday evening, ended up not walking very well after injuring his foot. The fellow grew so tired during the holidays that he failed to wake up to commenced our planned activities!

The worst one of all lost his job. Now he's unemployed with a heavy financial burden down his back, but he's managing at the moment. Hope he get his job soon or he'll really be in big trouble. I helped him out a bit by waiving his rental till he obtains a job since his rental is very low anyway.

Yes, holiday or no holiday, things were pretty normal for us folks here this holiday. Didn't do much stuff other than that footsal and Pahang trip thinggy which I skipped those. Pretty plain life these days, but grateful to have the holidays to rewind from the stress of work. Now if only it could last forever....