Wednesday, October 19, 2005

A Tribute To Mary John

I've been rather busy these past few weeks, running up and down like a monkey chasing a banana. Rushing and gushing and guzzling leaving me little time to even drink water and ease myself at the loo! I even had to plan my bathroom trips! It's the fasting month for the Malays and working in a place filled with Malays, I look like the one that is fasting. They go about their daily lives looking very normally as they would while in this month I look more lethargic than ever. The plus side of things is I got to go back at five without anybody making a fuss.

Although busy with a hectic schedule, I just feel like I had to write something after hearing about a friend of mine who passed away yesterday. Even though I have not much to say about her but I just feel the urge to blurt out whatever I can. She passed away at around three pm plus yesterday and if I'm not mistaken she was at the age of 74. It might not be a bad age to die at but somehow I just pity the way she had to die. Illness may be one thing but suffering? The poor soul. She has always been such a nice and kind lady.

When I got home yesterday, my roomie told me the news that she was in critical condition at the University Hospital (which is now known as University Malaya Medical Center), but little did we know, she had already passed away. It was shocking for me to hear the news because just on the Sunday that went by, she looked pretty fine to me. She was as her usual self. Sure I know of her condition but I've never knew it could be that serious in just a short period of time.

Why I would say that she's a kind and gentle lady is that she not only takes the opportunity to talk to me as much as she can (I guess, she feels quite lonely many a times for I can see it in her eyes), but she also listens to what I tell her when I request for her patience on certain matters. I guess we started talking more to each other after one day I was out with her in the field. That one hour truly was the turning point that brought us closer to each other. Subsequently after that, whenever we see each other, she greets me with a really big smile, which I rarely see her doing. Due to being in different group and her deterioration on health, we seldom get to see each other anymore.

Well, all I've got to say about her is that she warms my heart at times because she made me feel wanted. That's why I wouldn't want to delay in posting such a thing.


Anonymous said...

My ode to dear old Mary John. She's always seeking out a listening ear among the busy souls in Damansara but like most city people, most are too busy to stop to listen to an elderly lady describe her aches and pains and hear the latest gossip surrounding them. I try my best but yes, there are times where i wished she didn't carry on and on. But she was a good lady and she worked very hard to remain steadfast and for that I hope I will have the privilige of seeing her again in the distant future. -jobina [thanks kelv for 'lending' me this space to say my piece]

Kelvin -KtheBlogger- Tan said...

Thanks for your share