Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Oh, Phooey!

Great, just great! With the amount of work piling up day by day, one of the worse thing that could happen did happen. My office PC failed on me! It was one of those weird problems which I can't figured out what's wrong with it. It was working fine, then poof, suddenly it restarted. Strangely enough, it started normally, but when it got to the logon screen, my keyboard doesn't work! After careful scrutinizing it, I found out it works in DOS but doesn't work in windows! Not even when I tried to reinstalled windows. Really major problem there. Keyboard can't even work to install windows! Why, oh why, of all the time it had to fail when the going is getting tougher. Well, that certainly delays my work. More explaining needed to be done. Just great! '~'