Saturday, October 08, 2005

Kiddy Grade

I've finally finished another anime title. This time around it's 'Kiddy Grade'. It's the greatest anime I've seen so far. Although the arrangement on how the story goes needs to be improved but overall I'm fascinated with the ever intriguing story. A whole bigger picture involved thing.

As I was watching one of the episode, a phrase captured my attention. The show was screening about a flashback of one of the main character. In that flashback, there was a scene where a robot badly damaged was laying on the floor and the main character was mentioning that the three laws of robotics is merely a program. Hmm. That sounded familiar to me. And then it struck me. 'I, Robot'.

I did some research on it and found out that it was Isaac Asimov's idea. Further digging enlightened me more on how interesting Isaac Asimov's theories are. Got to know that he himself is a scientist on top of writing science fiction novels. That's how he came up with such great stories like the Foundation series and the Robotic series. Mind you, before this, when I saw 'I, Robot' in the movies, although it was mentioned that it's an adaptation to Isaac Asimov's short story 'I, Robot', it never occured to me that it was a really vast imagination with superb logical scientific explanation tied to it. I've always thought that it was merely from a short animated story that it was adapted from. Isaac Asimov's theory on the three laws of robotics simply fascinated me as it was logical and capable of coming true in the future (the theory not the story).

Kiddy Grade wasn't without it's own splendid imagination of the future. The uniqueness of each characters capabilities no doubt is hard to describe on what it does but the creativity part of it is certainly something I would praise it for. The design of the spaceships were extensively detailed which won my admiration for such complexity and the harmony in line with its physics involved. Too bad that these details were not mentioned in the show which could easily be overlooked by anybody because they mentioned it in the show as if its something ordinary and known to the viewers. I personally think that these plausible details should deserve a bit more attention than that since it's not easy to think up of such great details in line with the physics involved.

My love for anime has grown ever more and I hunger to view more. After watching such a great story in Kiddy Grade, my interest weighs more towards anime than for TV shows. Interesting culture Japanese have.