Friday, October 28, 2005

Marvelous or Is It?

I wonder have you ever got this e-mail or SMS before:

1)key-in the first 3 digit of your handphone number(not the 01x number) into the calculator

2) multiply by 80

3) add 1

4) multiply by 250

5) plus last four digit of phone number

6) plus last four digit of phone number again

7) minus 250

8) divide by 2 at last

Is it your handphone number????AMAZING!!!!!

I took one look at this equation and immediately see a really stupid calculation. The dead giveaway, lines 3 and 4 with 7. It's practically saying, add 250 then minus 250. Sheer stupidity. Basically, this calculation merely asks you to multiply your first three numbers with 10000, then add your last four numbers. Of course that will work! How I got the conclusion? Consider this calculation:

Let's name the first three numbers of your cell phone as x and the last four digits as y. So it says multiply by 80, so you'll get 80x.

Add 1 and you get the equation 80x +1 = ?. Next, it says multiply by 250. 250 multiply by 80 would be 20000, therefore the equation would now be

20000x + 250 = ?.

Adding the last four digit numbers of your handphone twice would equate to 2y. So, the equation now looks like this:

20000x + 250 +2y = ?

The dead giveaway line was up next so it now looks like the following:

20000x + 250 - 250 + 2y =?

20000x + 2y = ?

Continuing on:

(20000x + 2y)/2 = ?

and voila:

10000x + y = your cell phone number!

Man, whoever thought of this must have way too much free time.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Well, erm, I have no picture of Mary John, erm, instead I've decided to post this...

A Tribute To Mary John

I've been rather busy these past few weeks, running up and down like a monkey chasing a banana. Rushing and gushing and guzzling leaving me little time to even drink water and ease myself at the loo! I even had to plan my bathroom trips! It's the fasting month for the Malays and working in a place filled with Malays, I look like the one that is fasting. They go about their daily lives looking very normally as they would while in this month I look more lethargic than ever. The plus side of things is I got to go back at five without anybody making a fuss.

Although busy with a hectic schedule, I just feel like I had to write something after hearing about a friend of mine who passed away yesterday. Even though I have not much to say about her but I just feel the urge to blurt out whatever I can. She passed away at around three pm plus yesterday and if I'm not mistaken she was at the age of 74. It might not be a bad age to die at but somehow I just pity the way she had to die. Illness may be one thing but suffering? The poor soul. She has always been such a nice and kind lady.

When I got home yesterday, my roomie told me the news that she was in critical condition at the University Hospital (which is now known as University Malaya Medical Center), but little did we know, she had already passed away. It was shocking for me to hear the news because just on the Sunday that went by, she looked pretty fine to me. She was as her usual self. Sure I know of her condition but I've never knew it could be that serious in just a short period of time.

Why I would say that she's a kind and gentle lady is that she not only takes the opportunity to talk to me as much as she can (I guess, she feels quite lonely many a times for I can see it in her eyes), but she also listens to what I tell her when I request for her patience on certain matters. I guess we started talking more to each other after one day I was out with her in the field. That one hour truly was the turning point that brought us closer to each other. Subsequently after that, whenever we see each other, she greets me with a really big smile, which I rarely see her doing. Due to being in different group and her deterioration on health, we seldom get to see each other anymore.

Well, all I've got to say about her is that she warms my heart at times because she made me feel wanted. That's why I wouldn't want to delay in posting such a thing.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

May I Help You?

Good food really makes life worth living. Recently there was a new mall that opened up near my workplace. The first time I went there, there was absolutely nothing much there. The place is most totally boring. But now that there are more shops that have opened up, yet it still has nothing much to see at all. How disappointing. The only thing inside there that interest me would be the bookstore MPH. But even then, the place is so small I fail to see the urge to even go there at all. I would rather hang out back at the big MPH in One Utama's new wing. The new shopping mall was named SACC. I have no idea what it stands for. Shah Alam Community Center? Shah Alam Convenience Center? Stupid Apes Catching Cold? I don't know. However I'm glad that now there's a 'Secret Recipe' cafe opened up. Gotta be careful though, don't wanna blow my budget by spending on food.

Just the other day I was eating in there. I noticed a very annoying trait they picked up, when you enter, one would say "Good afternoon" and then you will be bombarded with all the others greeting out of harmony to you. Annoying because greetings are supposed to be pleasant. They made it in such a way, that I felt that I was shouted at. Why I said they 'picked up' this trait was because originally, this was merely done in Japanese customs. Hence, when you walk into a Japanese restaurant or whatever Japanese shop, they will greet you with 'いらっしゃいませ' (irasshaimase) or direct translation, 'Welcome!' But the way they do it was never unpleasant to hear. You will never get the feeling that they are annoying in saying that. It feels more like those people who go round selling bread and from time to time they ring their bells. Only less frequent (the greeting, that is). So I had a delicious meal over there, spaghetti and meatballs along with a nice chocolate fudge cake to go with my hot chocolate. I felt so satisfied after a meal like that. The waiter who served me was so confident of his service that he handed me a feedback form to fill up. Upon looking at the form, I had to give a good rating with the questions they asked since I found no fault on those areas. There was a space for me to fill in my comment so that they can 'serve me better' or so it says there but I left it blank. After that meal I had, I felt so relaxed that I couldn't think of anything to write in that column.

It was only after I left that I could think of something that I would like to include in my two cents worth. One would be the greeting, and the other would be the interior decoration. I mean the design is not bad considering the awkwardness and limit in space that they rented, but I feel that it could've been better to put on a little more relaxing atmosphere. With the afternoon sun blinding it's rays in, it feels more of a pain to look out of the shop even though the sun is not directly shining through.

Come to think of it, the greetings part just plain suck in Malaysia. When I walk into a Japanese restaurant in Malaysia, sure they do say "Irasshaimase", but they always more often than not say it in a very lazy way. I can hardly hear what on earth are they saying. Usually I only get to hear the last one or two syllables. In Japan, I can always hear clearly the whole word when they greet. Whereas here, they either say it really quickly which drowns the first few syllables or slur it which you can't make out what they're saying, or the one that annoys me the most, they only say the last two syllables. There's no meaning to it at all! I guess this greeting thing, still needs a lot of work before they can properly implement such a culture in Malaysia.

I'm just plain happy, that a few other eating places has popped up which means more choices in this dead place. I wish though, that more affordable and delicious eating places would come up. The choices still aren't many with just these few.

Saturday, October 08, 2005

Kiddy Grade

I've finally finished another anime title. This time around it's 'Kiddy Grade'. It's the greatest anime I've seen so far. Although the arrangement on how the story goes needs to be improved but overall I'm fascinated with the ever intriguing story. A whole bigger picture involved thing.

As I was watching one of the episode, a phrase captured my attention. The show was screening about a flashback of one of the main character. In that flashback, there was a scene where a robot badly damaged was laying on the floor and the main character was mentioning that the three laws of robotics is merely a program. Hmm. That sounded familiar to me. And then it struck me. 'I, Robot'.

I did some research on it and found out that it was Isaac Asimov's idea. Further digging enlightened me more on how interesting Isaac Asimov's theories are. Got to know that he himself is a scientist on top of writing science fiction novels. That's how he came up with such great stories like the Foundation series and the Robotic series. Mind you, before this, when I saw 'I, Robot' in the movies, although it was mentioned that it's an adaptation to Isaac Asimov's short story 'I, Robot', it never occured to me that it was a really vast imagination with superb logical scientific explanation tied to it. I've always thought that it was merely from a short animated story that it was adapted from. Isaac Asimov's theory on the three laws of robotics simply fascinated me as it was logical and capable of coming true in the future (the theory not the story).

Kiddy Grade wasn't without it's own splendid imagination of the future. The uniqueness of each characters capabilities no doubt is hard to describe on what it does but the creativity part of it is certainly something I would praise it for. The design of the spaceships were extensively detailed which won my admiration for such complexity and the harmony in line with its physics involved. Too bad that these details were not mentioned in the show which could easily be overlooked by anybody because they mentioned it in the show as if its something ordinary and known to the viewers. I personally think that these plausible details should deserve a bit more attention than that since it's not easy to think up of such great details in line with the physics involved.

My love for anime has grown ever more and I hunger to view more. After watching such a great story in Kiddy Grade, my interest weighs more towards anime than for TV shows. Interesting culture Japanese have.

Friday, October 07, 2005

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Oh, Phooey!

Great, just great! With the amount of work piling up day by day, one of the worse thing that could happen did happen. My office PC failed on me! It was one of those weird problems which I can't figured out what's wrong with it. It was working fine, then poof, suddenly it restarted. Strangely enough, it started normally, but when it got to the logon screen, my keyboard doesn't work! After careful scrutinizing it, I found out it works in DOS but doesn't work in windows! Not even when I tried to reinstalled windows. Really major problem there. Keyboard can't even work to install windows! Why, oh why, of all the time it had to fail when the going is getting tougher. Well, that certainly delays my work. More explaining needed to be done. Just great! '~'

Saturday, October 01, 2005

Messed Up?

Gee, I pretty much messed up. There was suppose to be a post that says 'Kiddy Grade' as my newest post, but out of technical problems, the entire thing that I've typed for that post is wiped out in a single click! Ah well, indicates that I need to start from scratch again. Let's see, what did I mentioned in that post?