Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Wedding Season

This year seems to teem with loads of weddings of people whom I know and I was not invited to any of them. I'm not mad with anybody for not inviting me, but one of my friend who spoke to me regarding this matter does have a strong point. He said, "Weddings are a person's most special occasion. It is one of the most joyous event in that person's lifetime. Hence, to make a special occasion even more delightful, the saying 'The More The Merrier' applies. With the exception of not inviting people whom is dislike by one of the 2 parties. Hence, anybody would've been invited should there be no friction between the bride or bridegroom with the individual."

But seeing as to how many times I was not invited, his remark has begun to make me wonder of my relationship with my friends. It made me wonder, what was the reason that I was not invited to my FRIENDs wedding. Is it because I'm a single guy with no proper job hence they figured that I wouldn't be able to afford a gift for them? Or is it because they were angry with me over something? Was it because I was never close to them at all and all those many times we hung out together were merely a facade? Then, why hang out together in the first place? This is the part that I just don't get it at all. I was even invited to a former colleague's wedding whom I'm not very close to (I don't have much time to talk to her at all). But the surprising thing is she invited me, even though it falls on a working day, was held in another state, yet she still wanted me to attend. In fact, she wanted the whole office to attend jokingly suggested the idea of a holiday but in the end none of us could make it since we had to work.

But I was thinking what gives, friends not wanting to invite me? People who don't know me well invited me? This is very confusing. Well, invited or not I don't care less, cause I have been to many weddings in my lifetime plus I don't need to get a wedding present for them. hehe :P

But it does incur a curious inquisition in my mind, how deep are my friendships? I think on this matter I don't mind being completely alone since it was my own fault for being an introvert. Would greatly aspire to do my works in the shadow. Wouldn't even mind not having any commendations just as long as it doesn't get creditted by someone else.

Hmm, maybe I should change my nick to 'Shadow Member'. 'Shadow Member', I do like the sound of that. :D


Anonymous said...

i haven't been invited to many weddings myself...but the thing is, i don't wanna go either unless it's a REALLY good friend of mine. yes, the whole gift/cash-giving is a pain, and i also don't like making 'lame' conversations with people at a dinner table. -jobina

Kelvin -KtheBlogger- Tan said...

Good point. I share your sentiment.

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Anonymous said...

wow, kelv..u got ppl recommending u to online matchmaking/dating sites...their point being? -jobina

Kelvin -KtheBlogger- Tan said...

Oh those people are just people who want to promote some websites. But they're people whom I do not know and has no care in reading my blog (I guess).