Sunday, September 18, 2005

The End of One Great Story

It's over. It's finally over. The manga 'Ichigo 100%' has concluded with volume 18. I feel somewhat lighter with the end of volume 18. A part of me was glad the story finally finished and a part of me felt sad. Why I was glad it finished is that the story finally moved on instead of being stuck with the same old storyline. The main guy character finally made a decision and stuck to it. Obviously I was sad because the story is no more.

I do think however that the ending was a good one even though I'm not quite happy on how some characters turned out in the end. For example, I don't like how the other two girl characters (東城 - Toujou and さつき - Satsuki) turned out to be without a mate when they already had no chance with 真中 - Manaka. Why do they have to continue their lives like that, not moving on in life? It feels rather sad. And although 真中 - Manaka is quite happy living his life, yet I also feel that he should've ended up with a better life. Instead of working hard labor to support himself and to fuel his dreams, he should at least be working in the world of movies, be it cameraman or somewhere along the lines. But one thing I was satisfied with is that he stuck with 西野 - Nishino right to the end (which he should have in the first place. Slow guy indeed.)

Now with one good story gone, I'm wondering where to get my next piece as my source has been shut down! ~What a cruel world~ :(