Monday, September 05, 2005

Corrinne May

I've been rambling about this lady for quite some time now, ever since I was moved by her version of 'Close to You' (original song from The Carpenters) from the movie 'So Close'. It took me about a month, frantically scouring the Internet and music stores in search of the song before I finally gave up. I even went to the extent of asking music soundtrack reviewers and music magazine editors and journalists to help me out to search of it (thank you for those who made an effort for me) but all had negative replies. Finally, upon stumbling on her website (simple back then), I manage to locate a way to contact her. Having doubts that an artiste would ever reply, I tried anyway as I had no more leads to go on. To my surprise, she did reply! However, I was disappointed to know that it was never released to the public at all. Instead, they released a version by Karen Mok in the soundtrack.

After that fiasco happened, I found out of her album. I sampled her song 'The Journey' which was given free on and found out that it was a soothing piece and nice to listen too. After reviewing comments from people who had purchased her album, I was surprised to find that everyone gave such a good comment about it. "Is it really that good?" I thought to myself. With that, I decided to purchase the album to listen for myself. When I got ahold of it, I never got to listen to it first. My friend sampled the album, said that all the songs were excellent and decided to take it home to listen first, promising to return the album the next day.

The day came, I got the album back, and I listen to it with eagerness. When I finished listening to the whole album, I was awe strucked by it. I kept wondering to myself, how could such a wonderful and inspirational album exist without ever being popular?

A few months went by. By that time I was completely in love with the compositions. That's when the second album came out. Although I'm quite certain the second album wouldn't move me like the first album, nonetheless, I'm also sure that it would surpass any others according to my taste. That prompted me to import the second album. I listened with glee and was surprised that I'm not disappointed even though my hopes for the second album were not that high.

One thing that baffles me is with the released of the second album, Corrinne gained popularity tremendously especially in Singapore but right up north in Malaysia, I have yet to meet a person who actually knows who Corrinne May is. Not even the people who work in record stores know who she is. (This does not mean that there aren't anybody in Malaysia who knows who Corrinne May is as I've seen Malaysians posting on the Internet before). As this was the case, I took the initiative to introduce some of my friends to her songs. I even went to the extent of purchasing her album and distributing it to one of my friends (who liked it very much) as a present for I don't condone ripping the songs out without having the album.

What intrigued me most of all about this singer-songwriter however, is not her masterpieces nor her colorful choice of words for lyrics, but rather her down to earth personality. Okay. So I've never met her personally. But judging from the many responds of her fans, I'm convinced to believe so. She's even responded to my e-mails twice. That's already a record for me. To top it off, selling autographed CDs to anyone who buys from Signing autographs to each and everyone who lined up to meet her? That's the first I've heard.

Anyway, that's just my opinion. The facts are determined by oneself. I'm just glad that I've received such a great inspiration to write songs again. Now if only I got the money to get my instruments for writing my songs. *sigh*.