Thursday, August 18, 2005


What a morning to start my day. Woke up with a severe stomachache. Could hardly walk to get to the bathroom, had to crawl halfway. (Sorry if that sounded a little disgusting.)

Because of that, I was later than usual to get to the bus stop (yeah, I'm a sad soul, relying on public transportation even though, Malaysia's public transportation has improved considerably.) The day was just getting started and I was thinking to myself it might be a wonderful day, after all the LRT is not so pack with people today. And then it came. The sky started to grew darker and darker, thunder could be heard indicating that it's distance away. The rain started to pour heavily down to the ground. How I wish it was armageddon that had arrived but instead a thunderstorm greeted while I was joyriding my way to work.

When I arrived nearby at my place of work, I got down at my stop, but it was still raining. Hence, I decided to take shelter at the bus stop waiting for the rain to stop for I have forgotten to bring a brolly. 10 minutes went by and it's still raining, so I decided to make the most of the situation by reading a book I have brought. About 45 minutes later, I've finished reading the book but the rain look relentless in its effort. A moment later, it started to subside. As my patience grew weary, I decided to start my 5-minute walk to my workplace. Good thing it didn't get any heavier. The 5-minute walk to my workplace in the drizzle has made me wet enough to evoke pity from the staff of the State Library.

So what a day to be started in. Saiyaku indeed. The meaning? Japanese for the worst.