Friday, August 12, 2005

Finally, Starting with Things!

Yay. Finally I sat down and start to create a blogspot for myself.
Been wanting to create a web page for myself for quite sometime but never got the chance (or just plain lazy) to actually sit down, plan, and do it. Now that I finally got the ball rolling I hope I can maintain my enthusiasm to keep it snowballing on.
Hmmm... start with introduction I guess,

My name: Kelvin Tan.

My job: System Administrator for a really teeny tiny company.
My boss is actually my friend and I'm helping him out in
this company. I'm not the system administrator for the
company (it's Automated Library System, in case you're
wondering it's name) but rather the system administrator for
the client, the Selangor State Library otherwise known as
PPAS (stands for Perbadanan Perpustakaan Awam Selangor,
translation to English is er, um, the Body of Selangor
Public Library? I think so).

My location: In case you're wondering what's this Selangor thing,
it's actually a state in a country called Malaysia.
Yeah. And that's where I'm from.

My interests: Lots. Erm, too many to mention here (or too lazy to
mention at the moment) but you'll get to know it along
the way.

Whew. I finally survived my first post. Hope to post more in future. Next...must start getting a digital camera so I can start taking pictures and posting it in my blog. :>
Oh, well.