Saturday, August 27, 2005

Blogging - My Reason

Many people said that I'm a very quiet person and I tend to agree. Usually I would reply to them that I'm 'Quiet by Nature'. So people who know me would wonder why am I blurting out aimlessly on the net, why am I blogging when I'm an introvert? The reason is pretty simple:-
自分満足. Self-satisfaction.
Yes. I get a sense of satisfaction by penning my thoughts and daily living down into writing. In fact, I used to keep diaries ever since I turned 12. Got the inspiration from Twin Peaks. Hehe. Well, not exactly Twin Peaks per se, but the book 'The Diary of Laura Palmer'.

After moving into the big city of Petaling Jaya (a city in Selangor), I found that I could not keep my diaries as it contained many deep and dark secrets that I wouldn't want anybody to know about. Hence, I burned every single one of em. But now I'm starting to write again!!! How, ironic. Well, since it's public-accessible, I wouldn't reveal what I wouldn't want to. ;P

But what have inspired me to write again, you might say. Well, 2 things. Corrinne May and Ichigo 100%!
1) Corrinne May
Well, she's a singer-songwriter who inspired me a bit on writing a blogspot. The choice of words she so gracefully pick is sweet to the mind to read and digest. She inspires me more on song writing.
2) Ichigo 100%
This is the backbone of why I started writing again. It's a manga adapted into an anime about the life of a boy who got himself into a complex love situation. Erm, a bit えっち (perverted), in fact it might be too えっち for some people's taste. However, I find that I loved the comedy of it. In the story, there's a character named 東城綾 (Toujou Aya) who writes really great stories, and that's what sparked my passion for writing again (the reason she writes, not her stories).

Silly ain't it, the reason? No matter, I'm one of those weird, silly people who still wonders why I jump out of bed in the morning when I can't place a reason to live!

Monday, August 22, 2005

The Petronas Twin Towers of Malaysia

What, Malaysia?

Being on the Internet, oftentimes I get a lot of people asking me where I'm from. When I reply Malaysia, more often than not, I get a "cool", "I see", "hmm", response and then the inevitable will follow, "where's that"/"where's Malaysia"? And I would have to say "It's above Singapore". I mean what gives? Singapore is way many times smaller than Malaysia, but I always have to refer to Singapore in order for people to acknowledge where my country is placed.

In fact, Singapore was a part of Malaysia before they broke off to be an independant country in August 7, 1965. 2 days later it was recognised as an independant nation on August 9, 1965 which is also Singapore's National Day.

So, again the question is what gives? What has made Singapore into a country that is so well known compared to Malaysia? The answer probably lies in economics. Singapore rapidly developed into a very successful free-market economy compared to Malaysia.

So what is Malaysia doing? Well, there were notable efforts involved, such as the Petronas Twin Towers which once was THE most tallest building in the world (unseated by Taipei 101 tower in 2003), and also bringing the world of F1 racing into Malaysia by hosting races here, and all of these efforts began with the Visit Malaysia Year in 1990, if I'm not mistaken.

In spite of all these, yet people still don't seem to recognise where Malaysia is. Sometimes worse, WHAT Malaysia is. I guess I'll just have to live with the fact that Malaysia turns out to be that way. ;P

Thursday, August 18, 2005


What a morning to start my day. Woke up with a severe stomachache. Could hardly walk to get to the bathroom, had to crawl halfway. (Sorry if that sounded a little disgusting.)

Because of that, I was later than usual to get to the bus stop (yeah, I'm a sad soul, relying on public transportation even though, Malaysia's public transportation has improved considerably.) The day was just getting started and I was thinking to myself it might be a wonderful day, after all the LRT is not so pack with people today. And then it came. The sky started to grew darker and darker, thunder could be heard indicating that it's distance away. The rain started to pour heavily down to the ground. How I wish it was armageddon that had arrived but instead a thunderstorm greeted while I was joyriding my way to work.

When I arrived nearby at my place of work, I got down at my stop, but it was still raining. Hence, I decided to take shelter at the bus stop waiting for the rain to stop for I have forgotten to bring a brolly. 10 minutes went by and it's still raining, so I decided to make the most of the situation by reading a book I have brought. About 45 minutes later, I've finished reading the book but the rain look relentless in its effort. A moment later, it started to subside. As my patience grew weary, I decided to start my 5-minute walk to my workplace. Good thing it didn't get any heavier. The 5-minute walk to my workplace in the drizzle has made me wet enough to evoke pity from the staff of the State Library.

So what a day to be started in. Saiyaku indeed. The meaning? Japanese for the worst.

Friday, August 12, 2005

Finally, Starting with Things!

Yay. Finally I sat down and start to create a blogspot for myself.
Been wanting to create a web page for myself for quite sometime but never got the chance (or just plain lazy) to actually sit down, plan, and do it. Now that I finally got the ball rolling I hope I can maintain my enthusiasm to keep it snowballing on.
Hmmm... start with introduction I guess,

My name: Kelvin Tan.

My job: System Administrator for a really teeny tiny company.
My boss is actually my friend and I'm helping him out in
this company. I'm not the system administrator for the
company (it's Automated Library System, in case you're
wondering it's name) but rather the system administrator for
the client, the Selangor State Library otherwise known as
PPAS (stands for Perbadanan Perpustakaan Awam Selangor,
translation to English is er, um, the Body of Selangor
Public Library? I think so).

My location: In case you're wondering what's this Selangor thing,
it's actually a state in a country called Malaysia.
Yeah. And that's where I'm from.

My interests: Lots. Erm, too many to mention here (or too lazy to
mention at the moment) but you'll get to know it along
the way.

Whew. I finally survived my first post. Hope to post more in future. Next...must start getting a digital camera so I can start taking pictures and posting it in my blog. :>
Oh, well.