Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Za - Empower Your Style with Za Men

Introducing Za's new line of skincare for men called Za Men!
Za is known to be a brand that provides makeup and skincare for women hence I was baffled when I was invited to their event at TGV Indulge, 1 Utama.
Nevertheless, I was assured that it's an event for both male and female alike and so I obliged in a break from the hectic workplace to have a slow and relaxed day.

When I arrived, I was still a little confused as to whether or not it's a girly event thing because everything that I saw in there were women's makeup and skincare on display. Although even if it is, this may not be the first time I attended an event catered for female, but usually, I would be with my bunch of beauty aficionado friends and that sets me at ease while this one, well, I'm going on my own and unsure if they'll be there. Coupled with the fact that they weren't able to reveal to me just yet, it made me doubted as I cautiously enter with equally puzzled eyes on me. LOL.

So then I was told that at the moment, on display, it's Za's latest Autumn/Winter 2014 range of women's makeup and skincare.
This includes the Perfect Solution Youth Whitening Serum (RM59.90):
Which is used after applying toner but before moisturizer and contains Yuzu extract and marine collagen for firming. (Available in September 2014)

Za Perfect Fit Liquid Foundation (RM37.90):
Which is a water based foundation that's 100% oil free and is 8-hour lasting for translucent finish. (Available in October 2014).

And Za Gel Eyeliner (RM26.90):
Which is available in Real Black color and Deep Brown and is able to last for 24 hours. (Available in October 2014).

Later on, the event started with the introduction of the products ala movie theater style and a testing session. I was however, relieved to see a fellow familiar face in the midst which I could say hi too without feeling too conscious of myself.

As soon as they're done detailing on the various women's product, they surprised the audience by introducing a new line from Za for Men with the tagline, Empower your Style:
Present along for the launch of Za Men were celebrity friends William San and Jeffrey Cheng while the MC was Patricia K.

When the presentation on the products were said and done, we headed back to the lounge area to find the men's skincare line was setup:
Along with the Ultimate Recharge Deep Cleansing Scrub, there's also the Ultimate Matte Purifying Oil Control Cleanser and the Ultimate Moist Deep Cleansing Gel all priced at RM16.90 each for the 100g tubes.

On top of the cleansers, there are also moisturizers released:
With the Ultimate Recharge Energizing Gel Moisturizer and the Ultimate Matte Purifying Oil Control Gel in 50g tubes for the price of RM26.90

All of the Za Men products are scheduled to be available on October 2014 at selected Watsons store nationwide.

So I got myself the Ultimate Recharge Deep Cleansing Scrub and the Ultimate Recharge Energizing Gel Moisturizer to try out.
When I first looked at the product, I was a little scared on applying it.
This is because of the word 'Energizing' which it mentions that it's great for people who has tired looking skin in working late nights and stuff and it will energize you from morning till throughout the day. Why this word scares me is because I have a skincare product years ago that claims exactly that and whenever I apply it, it gives me a headache. And so, I contemplated hard before opting to try it out.

The scrub is a mud scrub cleanser that contains "Energy Capsules":
Energy capsules contains energy supplying components which are Vitamin C + Vitamin E to the skin. The scrub has an earthy tone color to it and at first, applying the scrub on the skin felt like nothing but seconds later, you can feel a little heat from it which I guess that's the energizing effect and a lasting cooling after effect when it's washed off.

Next, after cleansing and shaving, I tried out the Ultimate Recharge Energizing Gel Moisturizer:
As expected, the moisturizer which contains Royal Jelly extracts has a transparent yellow color. It also contains Taurine, Hyaluronic Acid Complex and the Energy Capsule that's in the scrub I have too which these are the energizing agents. Unlike the scrub, the moisturizer immediately takes effect on the skin where I feel to a certain extend the refreshing feeling coming from it. It may at first feel to me like there's a layer on top of my skin but it quickly dissipates and the feeling is not apparent anymore. And most importantly, it doesn't give me a headache using it. Well, it does energize me to a slight extent but I'd rather not exhibit it. LOL. And after just a few days of using, everytime I look at my office restroom mirror, it does give my skin a more vibrant and radiant look.

Well, overall I would say that it's effects do work as what they say they do on me and I'm happy that they shared it with me.

Monday, August 18, 2014

MTV World Stage 2014 featuring B.O.B, Yuna, Boys Republic & Thaitanium

Haven't been to MTV World Stage last year but this year around, I thought what the heck and went for it. It was raining the whole day long and I was glued to my bed till I woke up at 5pm (seriously!). And that's when I headed to the MTV World Stage.
This year around, the show's line up features B.O.B, Yuna, Boys Republic & Thaitanium.

After the crowd were riled up with some entertainment while awaiting to enter, the event finally started and got on the way with Thaitanium starting the show.
Photo Credit - MTV Asia & Lucas Lau
The five sons of Siam, Khan, Way, Day, Big Calo and Tony B rocked the night and set the mood. They performed songs like "Do What I Say", "Bong Tong" and "Sukebe".

Then along came Boys Republic onto the scene.
Photo Credit - MTV Asia & Kristian Dowling
They came on with the song "You Are Special" and started off their debut at MTV World Stage with a bang. K-Pop fans were charmed as the boys interacted with the fans and expressed their love in returning to Malaysia. They were here end of last year in Malaysia promoting their mini album, "Identity" back then. Also, they performed a remix of "Video Game" where fans were invited to post 15-second mobile phone clips on Instagram to #worldstagemyfancam. The lucky fan who won Boys Republic's "Girlfriend" contest was introduced during "Dress Up" where the winner curated towards a new Korean look by the K-Pop group's stylist, proudly strutting on-stage as the boys serenaded her.

Yuna came on next by singing "Falling" against a backdrop of waterfall pyrotechnics.
Photo Credit - MTV Asia & Kristian Dowling
Her songs performed included a mixture of Malay and English songs. "Mountains", "Lelaki" and "Dan Sebenarnya" were among them. She also performed her famous rendition of "Rescue" with her ukulele and wrapped it up with "Come Back".

When B.O.B. came on, the crowd roared to the spectacular display of lights.
Photo Credit - MTV Asia & Aloysius Lim
B.O.B. had the crowd energy level high with tracks like "Don't Let Me Fall", "Ready ft Future" and "So Good". At the start of feel good song “Magic”, B.o.B headed over to his fans and exchanged high fives with them, showing his down-to-earth side. A master at thrilling his fans, B.o.B took live performances to the next level as he cheekily stole a phone from the audience to snap a selfie. Audience produced a beautiful scene by waving their mobile phones to a soulful performance of "Both of Us ft. Taylor Swift". B.O.B. also performed the hit song "Airplanes ft. Hayley Williams of Paramore" and dedicated it to those who had lost their loved ones in the recent tragedies. He crowd surfed as he was delivering his finale "Still In This" where it ended with streamers and over 1,000 multi-colored LED balloons.

Over the last 3 days, MTV World Stage Malaysia garnered nearly 26,000 Instagram posts, and since MTV first announced MTV World Stage Malaysia 2014 through an unlock social campaign, over 132 million potential social impressions were also garnered on Twitter in over 11 weeks. On Saturday night, MTV World Stage Malaysia was among the top ten trends on Twitter in Malaysia.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Heineken Cities of the World Launch

Recently, Heineken had launched a global campaign called 'Cities of the World' where it encourages people to get out of their normal routine lives and start exploring more within their own backyard cities.

The 2 month long campaign starts with the introduction to limited Cities edition Heineken bottles and will also involve in digital activities that will aid people to unlock hidden gems around Malaysia.
“We know that Heineken’s men of the world are constantly on the lookout for new experiences. ‘Cities of the World’ is a campaign to inspire them to get out of their comfort zones, embrace the unusual and embark on adventures within their own cities,” said Bruce Dallas, Marketing Director of Guinness Anchor Berhad.

For the month of August, six specially-designed limited edition Heineken bottles will be available to consumers. Each bottle represents one of six global cities – New York, Shanghai, Berlin, Amsterdam, London, and Kuala Lumpur. A unique code found under the cap of each limited-edition bottle gives people a chance to win prizes, including an opportunity to unlock worldly adventures in New York.

So that night during the launch with a party, it started us off going through a maze that leads to 4 rooms.

The first one features Bespoked, tailors that are from humble beginnings that brought the traditions of bespoke tailoring from London to Malaysia.
Next, it brought us to a room that features Replacement, a unique boutique salon where you only get to see the new you when your stylist is done!
Further down the maze had us find ourselves in a room that features Paradox Cafe, where guests can step out of their comfort zone and pick up some salsa moves.
And finally, it brought us to the main room where the party was happening there.
Over at the main room, they even had Blink & Goldfish spinning tunes at the DJ decks which most certainly got me in the mood to groove.
Met a lot of my friends all around at the party which initially Duncan was saying why there aren't many familiar faces? We're there early lah, bro. LOL.
Besides him, I had Mistah Fong with me too as my drinking buddy for the night. Rest of the people I saw there includes Jackie and gf, YY, Sandy, Janice, Evelyn and husband, Dennis, Yukiko, Carina and Li Chuen.
Picture taking all around except me. LOL.
Heineken’s ‘Cities of the World’ campaign runs from 1 August until 15 September 2014.

For more information on the ‘Open Your City’ social compass, and the Heineken’s Cities edition bottles, be sure to check out

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Premiere Hotel, Bandar Bukit Baru, Klang Mooncakes

Here I am again another time at Premiere Hotel, this time is to try out their Mooncakes:
Their highlight would be their new Snow Skin Durian Mooncake which is made from D24 Durians.

But first, before embarking upon that road to taste, we again had some of their Dim Sum to fill our tummies and to have the Mooncakes as a dessert thing.

Their Custard Buns:
Xiao Long Pao:
Har Gao (Shrimp Dumplings):
Siew Mai Dumplings:
Yam Dumplings:
And some Roasted Chicken and Roasted Duck with their Crispy Crackers laid on top:
Here's some new items that were tried.

This is the Cheese Roll:
Well, it's mildly with cheese. Thick pastry on it and the fillings tasted more if the shrimps than cheese.

And this one is with Mango in it:
The wrap outer layer provides a crunch when eating and surprisingly, the mango together with the prawns inside this actually goes well together to combine into a unique flavor.

So anyways, back to the mooncakes.
There were four of them that we tried.

And they are Red Bean Paste and Snow Skin Durian:
Lotus Paste Single Yolk and Snow Skin Pandan Lotus Paste:
So after the meal, we then went into the kitchen to observe on how the mooncakes were made.

During that time, the Chef was making the Durian Mooncake.
So he got these doughs all rolled out flat and ready to go.
Along with the fillings at the side awaiting to be used.

He would then, use the flat dough and flour it a bit and then wrap the fillings up.
And when it's all covered up nicely, he would then put into the wooden shaper.
And compress it till it's wholly in it.
Next, it's time to knock it out of there
And voilà, your mooncake is done!
The mooncakes at Royal Gourmet, Premiere Hotel are from RM68 and upwards. It's available from 9 July 2014 - 8 September 2014.

It's at:
Royal Gourmet Chinese Restaurant
Première Hotel
Bandar Bukit Tinggi 1/KS6
Jalan Langat
41200 Klang
Selangor Darul Ehsan

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Tai Thong Group Mid-Autumn Festival Mooncakes and Dishes

With about a month away more to go till Mid-Autumn Festival, many have already started with their Mooncakes and Tai Thong Group is one of them. Held at the Imperial China Restaurant at Subang Jaya, they unveiled to the media and guests their newest flavors concocted for this year.
Driven by the Master Chef's desire for experimentation and preserving traditions, this year's mooncake range is priced the same as the last year and is marked by 5 new flavors - from fruity tangs to the distinct taste of the king of all fruits, durian.

Dragon Fruit and Coconut Single Yolk:
A novel blend of dragon fruit and coconut with salted egg yolk. This creation produces a fruity sensation.

Honey Grapefruit and Mixed Nuts:
It's with a refreshing honey grapefruit paste that's paired with dried fruits, winter melon, almonds and sesame seeds.

Snow Skin Honey Lemon Grapefruit:
The sweet fragrance of honey grapefruit paste is offset by the zesty tinge of lemon. An interesting combination.

In addition to the 3 new flavors above, Tai Thong this year introduces 2 new edition to it's Durian Mooncake range, the D24 and the Red Prawn made from 100% premium grade Durians, both has it's own distinct taste and texture and is named as the Premium Durian Duet.

Premium Durian Duet Red Prawn:
Made with snowskin, the Red Prawn is balanced off with it. Thick, custard-creamy and bold making it a satisfying dessert.

Premium Durian Duet D24:
Using fresh and fragrant D24 durians, the specialists at Tai Thong turned the flesh into a creamy clotty pulp which of course, is wrapped with soft delicate snow skin.

The Premium Durian Duet is available only in a box set which contains 2 of each that are priced at a total of RM88 and is limited edition.

This follows from their highly successful Imperial Musang King Royale Mooncake which was launched last year and is also available again this year as well.
In addition to these Mooncakes that we savored, we also tasted one of their Mid-Autumn Poon Choy set meal.

Started off with the Double-boiled Village Chicken with Truffle Soup:
Nice and flavorful. The chicken was boiled till really tender but still intact at the bones and when you lift it up, it just easily comes up for you to enjoy it's meat. The addition of the truffle was a real delight in taste. A very good start to the dish.

Turbot Fish (Deep-fried with celery):
Can also have it steamed with Soy Sauce.

The Tai Thong Prosperity Poon Choy:
Includes Broccoli, Mushrooms, Pig Trotters, Fish Maw, Prawns and others. It comes with the complimentary special claypot where you can just pack it home.

Stir Fried Assorted Grains:
The grains that are fried are Brown Rice, Pine Nuts and White Rice.

And we finished off with the Chilled Lychee with Sea Coconut dessert:

Unfortunately, my camera flash failed to work that day leaving a lot of yellowish looking pictures above. LOL. Oh well.

Tai Thong Group has many restaurants throughout Malaysia. As for the Imperial China in Subang Jaya, it's located at:
3rd Floor, Jaya Square, No. 7343, Jalan SS17/2, 47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan
Open from 11.30am-2.30pm and 6pm-10.30pm from Mon-Sat and 9.30am-2.30pm and 6pm-10.30pm on Sunday's and Public Holidays.