Sunday, July 27, 2014

Ippudo's New Seasonal Items Special

Before the Raya Holiday kicked in, I embark a trip to Ippudo, Pavilion to savor it's new seasonal items that's available for a limited period of time. The particular highlight of the seasonal items would be the Tsukemen ramen:
Elaborations on it will be further down in this blogpost.

So there I was over there seeing familiar faces among most of those that were present. We were given a choice of whether to have the Strawberry Fizz or the Lime Fizz as our refreshing drink while we await for the dishes. I chose this:
The Strawberry Fizz. This time around, the Ippudo event was very different from the previous ones I attended with just few of us invited and present with a section catered for the event while inside the restaurant, business runs as usual. I was told that this was a casual event rather than a formal one to introduce to us bloggers the seasonal items that's available and allow us to have a taste.

After a brief introduction from the Operations Consultant, Yosuke Nishiguchi, we were served with a very delectable and enticing plate of sushi.
From what I can see, the plating was sublime with each of our individual portion arranged in a similar manner though this is not how it's usually served.

It's usually served in pieces of four with the one taste of your choice.

Altogether, there are 3 different sushi.

Salmon Avocado Bacon Roll:
Fresh salmon roll served with avocado and bacon.

Spicy Tuna Roll:
Tuna roll served with homemade spicy mayo on top.

And Unagi Cheese Roll:
Unagi roll served with homemade cheese mayo.

Each plate are priced RM15.
 This is something that deviates from the usual Ippudo menu since Ippudo usually serve Ramen and never sushi. Overall, I'm impress with it's presentation and taste-wise passable in my books.

And now, on to the highlight, the Hakata Tsukemen!

Before bringing the Ramen out to us, Yosuke demonstrated to us on how to correctly eat Tsukemen:
The Hakata Tsukemen is served one bowl containing just soup:
While another bowl with just the cold noodles with it's ingredients:
The way to eat it is first you take some noodles, then you dip it into it's soup before consuming it.
Once finished, just pour some hot water into the bowl of soup and drink it on it's own. :D

There you have it, Hakata Tsukemen. Priced at RM26.

I had mine at Ippudo, Pavilion which is at:
Lot C4.07.00, Connection Level 4,
Pavilion KL,
168, Jalan Bukit Bintang,
55100 Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA

Open daily from 11am-11pm

Sunday, July 20, 2014

D'Football Festival at Central Park Avenue, 1 Utama

So the World Cup 2014 finals had come and gone and the showdown was between Argentina and Germany with the Germans edging a 1-0 victory over Argentina on Extra Time. Where did you witness the World Cup?

As for me, I headed off to the D'Football Festival that's held at 1 Utama's Central Park Avenue.
Over there, Hunny Madu was on the stage as the MC.
The party was a whopping 12 hour festival which started off from 6pm where there were loads of performances and DJs to keep the crowd entertained till the World Cup finals match goes live. The performances include Paperplane Pursuit, OJ Law and Australian band Van She while some DJs that kept the party atmosphere comprise of DJ Patricia K, Indiego & Co and Nick Haydez as well.

In Malaysia, the match starts at 3am so that's pretty late. I didn't go over there at the earlier hours but I headed on there when after midnight.

During that time, DJ Nick Haydez was on the decks right before the performance of Brazilian samba dancers came on.
Aside from the performances and music, there's loads of games that people can occupy themselves with like this Robokeeper penalty shootout game:
And this test your accuracy by shooting the balls through the holes called Target Football or something like that:
A test your kicking strength radar speed cage:
And this cross between bowling and football called, "Bowling Football":
Where you kick a football to try to knock all the pins down with it.

Also, everyone tries to win this Mini Cooper Countryman by participating in the "Guess the Balls" contest:
By guessing the correct amount of balls that's contained inside the Mini Cooper.

It certainly was a big festival with football fans thronging to the place leaving them more to look forward to at the next World Cup in the year 2018.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

New Zealand Natural, The Curve, Food Review

Wasn't much in the mood for socializing nor going out because I'm feeling kinda emo these days but life goes on and so instead of wallowing in sorrow, I trudge along and headed to New Zealand Natural at The Curve:
It's not my first time trying out their ice cream at this outlet since I've been invited to review their Pecan Praline Crunch desserts the last time around 2 years ago ( but now, I'm back again with another bunch of blogger friends to have a look at some of their desserts.

This here is called the Waffle Dazzle:
The waffle dazzle is with a scoop of ice cream flavor of your choice on top of Belgian waffles with honey and chocolate sauce. The waffles are of the crispy kind and not of the soft type. I'm amused by the decoration where there's three slices of apples stabbed on top of the ice cream. There's also beside it some whipped cream with a strawberry on top and some nuts for crunch. It costs RM9.90

Besides ice creams, there are also pastries available at New Zealand Natural.

There are currently 2 types of muffin available at New Zealand Natural and this one is the Triple Chocolate Muffin:
In the center, there are chocolate fillings inside it.

And the other muffin flavor is the Wild Blueberry Muffin:
It tasted more of vanilla type of flavor to me. The muffins are available at RM6 each.

At New Zealand Natural, there are also doughnuts available. This is called the Old-Fashioned Doughnuts:
This one here is customized by adding a Junior 1 Flavor scoop of ice cream on top. The doughnut costs RM2 and the 1 scoop of ice cream on top costs RM6.90 bringing a total of RM8.90.

We also tried the classic Banana Split:
Plump, juicy bananas nestled with Chocolate Ecstasy, Boysenberry Dream and Vanilla Classic ice cream flavors. The price of the Banana Split is RM19.90.

There are also cookies available:
There are 2 flavors and that is the Chunky Double Chocolate Cookie and the Oatmeal Cinnamon Raisin Cookie. I'm sure you'll be able to know which is which from the name and looks. The price of the cookies are RM4.50 each.

And finally, my favorite of the night, the Yoghurt Pudding Sundae:
I just love how the Mango Pudding tasted. The rest is just there in the mix. There's Forestberry Frozen Yoghurt in it. Costs RM11.90.

The New Zealand Natural The Curve outlet is located at:
K-G10-W Ground Floor
The Curve
6 Jalan PJU 7/3
Mutiara Damansara
47800 Petaling Jaya

Open daily from 10am-10pm

Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Delicious, Bangsar Village II, Food Review

I've seen Delicious before many times at 1 Utama and Mid Valley but never knew that it existed in Bangsar Village II as well.
Delicious started off as a tearoom café at 1 Utama in 2004 and from then on has expanded till 7 cafés and a catering business as well. I've tasted their food before but only when an event was held where they're the ones providing food for the function and sometimes the place. So then the chance to savor their food over a food review session came and that's where this post play a role.

We were well fed with a barrage of a few full complete meals and this is what we had.

Pumpkin Soup (RM13.90):
It's with Parmesan and truffle oil. Croutons for some crunch. Nice thick texture that you can really taste it's pure and real pumpkins. A good soup.

Carbonara Mafaldine (RM23.90):
Despite me having eaten lots of different pastas before, I've never tried Mafaldine before. It's very similar to Fettuccine with wavy edges that lets it retain the sauce a little more than Fettuccine. The sauce was thick and creamy. Pasta was delicious. I would say this was the best dish of the night for me. It has a nice Poached Egg on top, some beef bacon underneath and oyster mushrooms and Parmesan.

Crab and Avocado Salad (RM29.90):
As usual, am no fan of salad so this don't work out for me. Thought the bread would be seasoned in garlic butter but nope. Just your usual toast.

Teriyaki Salmon Steak (RM37.90):
It's with Soba Noodles, Pea Sprouts and Asparagus. It just feels okay for me.

Crispy Seafood and Fries (RM29.90):
Seafood includes Salmon, Prawns, Squid & Pollack with some Coleslaw and Tartar sauce. Also something that's just okay to me. I find that the seafood is better without the tartar sauce.

This here is the Lamb and Butternut Squash Massaman Curry (RM25.90):
Lamb is a little too chewy for me and the curry tasted a little sweetness in it. Might be because of the tomatoes? I'm not sure. It's served with steamed rice and cucumber peanut salad.

Delicious Club Sandwich (RM26.90):
Club sandwiches are easy to make and hard to go wrong. Hence, this is also the same. The plus is that it contains a nice fried egg but the grilled chicken breast is too dry for my taste. Besides the two items, there's also Pesto, Turkey Bacon inside.

I believe this is some Spicy Prawn Rolls with Chilli Sauce (RM13.90):
Also something that is okay for me.

Mushroom Soup (RM13.90):
Although it has a nice thick and chunky mushroom taste to it, it's way too peppery for me.

This drink that I ordered just amuse me to try:
It's called Death by Iced Chocolate. LOL. Costs RM10.90. Fortunately (or unfortunately), I didn't die of iced chocolate. Actually, I didn't taste much chocolate but more of milky taste.

Some Macarons:
The top is Salted Caramel and Peanut (I think) while the bottom one is Raspberry. Costs RM7 each or 3 for RM17.

Strawberry and Passionfruit Éclair:
Also RM7 each and 3 for RM17. There's also Chocolate and Peanut Caramel flavor and Coconut with Pandan.

This is the Strawberry, Hazelnut and Lychee Pavlova:
In a way, it's a weird combination to me but hey, you might have a differing opinion than mine.

Can't remember what's this:
Lemon, Lime and Ginger cupcake? I just know it contains lemons in em.

Best dessert among all I've tasted that evening.

Chocolate and Marshmallow Tart:
It has such a nice flan like texture inside to put it in my mouth:

The Delicious at Bangsar Village II is at:
GF-1 Jalan Telawi 1 Bangsar Baru 59100 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur

Opened daily from 11am-midnight on weekdays and 9am-midnight on weekends.

Monday, July 07, 2014

Crave Café, Oasis Square, Ara Damansara Food Review

Oasis Square has been a number of times my lunch time hangout. Crave Café happens to be one of it that I discovered by accident:
One Friday afternoon, I had quite a lot of time to spare and so I headed over to Oasis Square for my lunch. Upon seeing Crave Café, it looks like the perfect place to just chill for my lunch and wait for time to pass by. And so I sat down and ordered the Honey Glazed Chicken.
To my surprise, it tasted better than I had imagined. The honey glazing the chicken gave a nice dose of sweetness to the chicken where the sauce in the little bowl over there merely played a decorative role to me. My only complain for this is that the chicken is small but the mash underneath made up for it as it was a huge enough portion to make me full.

The 2nd time around, I took a bunch of my colleagues over to try it out and give their opinion where this time around I ordered the Aussie Burger:
Again surprised me that it's not a fluke because the burger is just as delicious and also satisfying. Containing an egg with cheese and also beef bacon to go along with the patty and the veggies.

So when I was given the opportunity to review this café, I quickly took it up to try other things that they have there.

The café's interior give me a chilled and laidback feeling almost homely with ample sun rays able to shine through to brighten up the café.
We started being served with Crave's Big Breakfast:
Containing 2 sunny side up eggs, sausages, beef bacon, baked beans, roasted tomato and mushrooms with toasted ciabatta for the price of RM22. All tasted fine with the mushrooms excelling while the baked beans tasted weird to me. I could never finish the baked beans even though it's just a small portion because I couldn't stand the weird taste.

The next dish that was offered to us is the dish that I enjoyed the most that morning:
It's Pancakes with caramelized bananas and maple syrup (RM10). Pancakes were fluffy and goes very well with the caramelized bananas and with a slab of sinful butter at the top, it's heavenly. I'd probably be able to eat 2 plates of these.

Next up was the Salmon Scramble (RM15):
The Salmon Scramble is smoked salmons being neatly decorated on scramble eggs atop toasted ciabattas. Personally, somehow this didn't work out for me. The salmon wasn't the taste that's agreeable with my tastebuds and the scramble eggs to me were underseason. Well, let's move on.

This is a new item that's gonna be (or already has been!) on the menu:
It has a sunny side up egg on topmost followed by a beef bacon slice and the toasted ciabatta with avocado and cream cheese spread on top. I have no idea what it's gonna be call nor the price but that day, it tasted okay to me.

Moving on to the lunch menu, this is Seabass in Spicy Cream Sauce (RM15):
The thing that taste spicy to me would more of the rice than the cream sauce. The rice was peppery. The sea bass and the vegetables tasted okay.

This is one of their popular dish:
The Chicken Parmigiana (RM22). I can taste why this is a popular dish as the taste is not bad. However, the chicken is a bit too dry for me even though taste-wise, it's nice.

Green Chicken Pesto:
Priced at RM18.

As for Crave Café's coffee, they use Toby's Estate Coffee at their joint which is a blend of Arabica coffee that started off from Australia.

Crave Café's full address is:
BG-03 Oasis Square, Ara Damansara, 47301 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

They're opened 8am - 9pm on Mon - Thurs
and 8am-11pm on Fridays and Saturdays. I believe they're beginning to open on Sundays too.